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If you have a case of which we cannot deal with via e-mail an employee of Huurteams Nijmegen will pay a visit to your home to assess the situation. During this visit one of our employees will discuss the situation and will take measurements of your living accommodation. Thereupon Huurteams Nijmegen shall assess all available information and discuss with you the results and ask you if we may contact your landlord. If your landlord does not cooperate, we are able to start a procedure at the Huurcommissie. Our services are free of charges and the submission of this form is necessary to accept your case. You can find more information about our method of working at our frequently asked questions page.

Pay attention! If your roommates do have similar complaints and want to use our services, they have to fill in this web form as well.

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  • Huurteams Nijmegen's services are free in principle. Huurteams Nijmegen advances your fee(s) to start your case at the Huurcommissie (rental committee). You only have to pay the fee(s) of the Huurcommissie to Huurteams Nijmegen when you decide to withdraw your case or if the Huurcommissie sentenced you to pay the free(s) of €25 per case. This SEPA mandate will only be used when Huurteams Nijmegen is entitled to the fee(s) that were done by advanced payment by Huurteams Nijmegen.
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