Assessment of initial rental price

In the first 6 months after the beginning of the rent, the reasonability of the initial rental price can be assessed. This is also the case with rental prices above the liberal rent (A rental price above €710,68 in 2016). If the paid rent is higher than the maximum allowed rent, the tenant can demand a decrease of the rental price commencing at the same time the contract started. This means that the tenant can demand that he gets paid back what he paid too much. Maintenance defects can also be included in the assessment.

Cases like this can directly be submitted to the Huurcommissie (Rental Committee), but if there is still time before the 6 months are over we will try to come to an agreement with the landlord without having to start legal procedures.

Has your rental agreement commenced over 6 months ago? Check the procedure for lowering the rental price.

Do you want to know if your rental price is correct? Submit your case and we will check your rental price free of charge!