ANBI information

Stichting Huurteams Nijmegen is a fiscally recognized Public Benefit Organization(ANBI/PBO). This means that a donation to Stichting Huurteams Nijmegen is tax-deductible.

PBO’s need to publish the following information

  • The name of the organization
  • RSIN-number
  • Post and/or visiting address
  • A clear description of the purpose of the organization
  • The policy of the organization
  • Tasks of the board members
  • Names of the board members
  • Remuneration policy
  • An up-to-date report of the applied activities
  • A financial report

Statutory name

Stichting Huurteams Nijmegen





Post address

Postbus 31070
6503 CB Nijmegen

Visiting address:

Toernooiveld 100
6525 EC Nijmegen



The foundation has the purpose of helping and looking after the interests of tenants in buildings in Nijmegen, whereby the foundation at least, but not exclusively, focuses on studying tenants, and furthermore to engage with one another directly or indirectly related or may be conducive thereto, all in the broadest sense.


The headlines of the policy can be found in the plan of action. Policy goals can also be found in the annual reports.

Plan van aanpak 2015-2018

Board members:

The board consists of:

Chairman: mr. B.F.L. (Berend) Titulaer BSc (installed on 1 juli 2017)
Secretary: ms. B. (Büsra) Yücesan BSc(installed on 15 februari 2017)
Treasurer: mr. M.B. (Maarten) Heinemann BSc (installed on 1 oktober 2017)

Supervisory board:

The supervisory consists of:

Chairman: Mr. drs. P. Eymaal (installed on 1 oktober 2017)
Member: ms. D.A. Mulder BSc (installed on 1 oktober 2017)
Member: mr. J.C. Bakker BSc (installed on 1 oktober 2017)

Remuneration policy

The management positions, are in according with the statutes, honorary. Huurteams Nijmegen has two part-time employees, for a total of 0,9 fte. The financial report can be found in our annual report.

Report of the applied activities and financial reports